East Mill Creek Farms

On Humboldt County’s Lost Coast, we know cannabis.

Our mission is to provide cannabis connoisseurs with the worlds best varieties of cannabis grown in the worlds best climate using the best practices. We seek to accomplish this ends through collaborating with other small farms, our community and our place.  We want those who choose our cannabis to experience a connection to our farm, this nature, and the Humboldt lifestyle. Taste the terroir of Lower Mattole Watershed Cannabis

East Mill Creek Farms is a Humboldt County and California State Licensed Cannabis cultivator.  We hold the 8th license to grow cannabis issued in the state of California. On our farmstead we cultivate a diverse range of cannabis genetics in full sun and native soil, as nature intends.

East Mill Creek Farms is dedicated to our rural northern California communities and the role cannabis plays in them.  We are co-founders of Uplift Cannabis Co-op, a community based cannabis cooperative. When farmers win, we all win!