Here in coastal Humboldt County, we get rain in the winter to the tune of 60 – 120 inches in a year.  A challenge we face is that the bulk of this rain comes in the months of November to May.  That leaves the long growing season dry, like toast.

In the creeks and rivers our native salmon struggle to survive during these drought months. The less water in the creeks and streams, the harder it is for them to survive.

Agricultural practices can deplete creeks and rivers of their critically-limited supply of water during those times.  Large scale rain catchment is a great way to have access to water when we need it the most, and not take any away from the critters that need it.  We installed a pond to catch the abundant rain during the winter and use it all summer.  Our cannabis is watered only with this captured rain water.  When you use our products you can feel confident of the regenerative practices we use, and the salmon thank you.

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