Why the Farmstead?

When I first dropped into this rural Humboldt county valley in the mid ‘90’s, I felt I had gone back in time to a place where the community still mattered. I had come home. Cultivating small-scale, top quality cannabis has been part of this community since the 70’s. Here, cannabis, culture and ecology align to improve human experience.

The best example of where community, culture and cannabis team up to form the Humboldt lifestyle is on a farmstead. A farmstead is a place where the owner operator lives on the farm.  This relationship creates better and more considerate farm practices than industrial farms. When you are the closest residence to your farm, you put extra care into taking care.

Here at East Mill Creek Farms we continue the Humboldt tradition of farmstead cannabis using modern genetics, best practices combined with the worlds best cannabis producing environment.  Our farm is also our home, and we treat it with the respect and care it deserves. This is our farmstead, this our community and we grow it.

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