IMG_2006Our soil is our livelihood. Many thoughtful farmers speak to this saying “we don’t grow plants, we grow soil”.  It’s the farmers job to see the big picture, think long term, and address root causes. We have to think about the conditions that give rise to a successful crop, not just about the crop itself.

At East Mill Creek Farms we apply a holistic approach to maintaining soil fertility.  We test our soils annually and use the results to carefully determine appropriate, organic approved, amendments. We take a long-term view to slowly and carefully build the capacity of our soil. The animals we keep, from the esteemed earth worm to our cows are integral to soil building and nutrient up-cycling.

Compost:  We compost manures from our own animals – chickens, cows, geese as well as plants.  These finished composts are packed with humic acids (plant food) and cation exchange sites (places to store the food).

Worms: The chief executives on our soil building team are our worms. We cultivate worms in our mulch, our compost, and in concentrated worm bins.  These worms and their castings are the basis for our actively aerated teas.

Teas: Actively aerated compost teas allow us to feed our soil and our plants many small meals through out the season. We brew teas with a proprietary collection of mycorrhizal fungus and beneficial indigenous bacteria. If this does not sound tasty, you must not be a plant because they love it!

We use these practices and the best genetics to help our cannabis achieve it’s maximum genetic potential. When you use our products, breath deep and relax, you are getting the best, most sustainable cannabis product available.



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