Uplift Cannabis Co-op

Uplift logo.pngIn the summer of 2018 a small group of farmers from the Mattole River Watershed formed the second post-leagalization cannabis co-op.  We realized that as small-scale farmers we were facing an uphill road. Farmers in all industries are driven through the mud of narrow margins, higher production volumes and reduced quality. Cannabis farmers are faced with the additional burden of complex and challenging regulations of a new over-regulated industry. This reduces quality, and drives small farmers out of business.  By working together and forming co-ops, small-scale family-run cannabis farms can support each other and increase their chances for success.  In rural communities that have depended on small farm cannabis production for the last 40 years, co-ops are key to the cultural survival and continuity of these communities.  Ask for and buy co-op cannabis.  When farmers win, we all win!

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